5 Days on Siargao Island, Philippines

Siargao in the Philippines is a water-lover and general adventurer’s dream. A surfer’s paradise with a playful soul to it, it’s also a place that evolves a lot as one travels through it.

I spent about a week there, and while I could easily do a month, most of us can’t devote that much time to one place. With that in mind, what I did can be consolidated into just five days if you do an activity every day.

This itinerary begins in General Luna, which is where most people who visit Siargao end up staying. That said, I absolutely loved Pacifico up north, and included a night or two there at the end. It’s much smaller, much more laid back, and a lot quieter. 카지노사이트

With this itinerary, you’ll see the best and most beautiful spots on Siargao:

Day One: Sugba Lagoon

Sugba Lagoon is, no joke, what made me want to return to the Philippines. When I saw photos of it my jaw dropped and I was reminded of Raja Ampat in Indonesia.

Be sure to jump off the diving board at the lagoon and paddle around in the aquamarine water.

I went on the tour with Kermit which included transport to and from General Luna, a stopover on an island nearby, which was almost as awesome as the lagoon itself. It also included a fresh seafood, fruit, chicken, and veggie lunch served on a banana leaf, drinks, and standup paddle boards. Total cost was 2000 pesos and it’s best booked at least a day in advance. I also recommend staying at Kermit while in General Luna. The food and the vibe are on point!

(By the way I paid out of pocket for the experience and nobody asked me to write a positive review. I just liked those guys!) 안전한카지노사이트

Day Two: Island Hopping

Most island hopping excursions will take you to Naked, Daku, and Guyam Islands. You’ll see signs posted all over General Luna advertising the island hopping trips and all of them will take you to the same place. The difference will be the comfort, the lunch included, and the boat you take. I would recommend Kermit for this one too!

Naked Island is actually a sand bar with dazzlingly white sand and gorgeous turquoise water all around. This means you won’t have shade, so make sure that you bring ample sunscreen!

The other two islands do have some trees, and Daku Island has a little fishing village as well. All three have powdery white sand and gorgeous clear water. If you’re a surfer, you can also hire a boat to take you just out to Daku Reef for some nice and uncrowded surfing.

Day Three: Breakfast at Shaka and Sohoton Cove

While not actually on Siargao island itself, Sohoton Cove is one of the most loved things to do while visiting Siargao, though it does take several hours to get there, including a couple just in a boat. However it looks just as stunning, if not more-so, than Sugba Lagoon and includes a cave excursion as well.

I was dying to do this but sadly the trip didn’t have enough signups on the day that I wanted to go. I take this to mean that it’s not as crowded as some of the other options, so make this one a priority to sign up for early in your trip, either with Kermit or Bravo (also a good place to stay and eat!), or if you have enough people (8 or so) you can get your own boat over. There are plenty of signs in town for boat rentals. 카지노사이트 추천

Day Four: Learn to Surf

Siargao is the surf capital of the Philippines and there’s a wave on the island for every level. The best part is plenty of the surf areas are uncrowded, especially if you’re willing to hire a boat to take you out past the reefs or to one of the islands mentioned above.

If you want to take a lesson, the guys at Kermit are great. You can also wander around General Luna and pop into the surf shops and go for one that you jive with. If you don’t want to take a lesson and just want to rent a board, check out Fat Lips in General Luna or head north to Pacifico if you want even less crowded surf spots.

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