5 natural tourist spots to visit in Camiguin, the ‘Island Borne of Fire’

CAMIGUIN, Philippines — Camiguin is a majestic volcanic island with 80% untouched forest, alive and buzzing with endemic flora and fauna. For this, it is dubbed the Galapagos of the Philippines.

It is also fast becoming Mindanao’s next tourist destination, despite a 300-square meter total land area. The island more than makes up for it with all the experiences it has to offer.

Besides its historical landmarks, the island is also filled with pristine beaches, springs, and waterfalls that have earned recognition as Important Cultural Properties, and declared National Cultural Treasures by the National Museum of the Philippines through Republic Act 10066, or the National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009. 카지노사이트

Given its natural splendors, even seasoned travelers will be stricken with awe anew—especially now that it’s easier to fly to Camiguin with SkyJet. With SkyJet’s direct flights, there are no more delays, painstaking transfers and extended travel time.

As you plan your trip to Camiguin—whether revisiting or going for the first time—here is a list of wonders to see:

  1. White Island

Not far from the coastline of Mambajao, Camiguin is a special patch of land that’s almost luminescent to the naked eye.

Talk to any of the several boatmen nearby and take a 10-minute ferry ride and it will reveal itself as an uninhabited islet made out fine white sand that stretches beautifully under the warm light of the sun.

Enjoy a refreshing swim in the cool, clear water or wade between the stunning coral beds. Brought a book with you? Lounge freely anywhere on the islet under the comforting shade of any of the big umbrellas that you can rent there. A cool refreshment adds to the already complete experience.

  1. Sunken Cemetery

Built atop an outcrop from under the sea, a giant cross serves as an enchanting sentinel over the nature-reclaimed resting place of the long-departed, in what used to be the capital of early 19th century Camiguin.

To this day, the place serves as both reverence and a memorial that inspires reflection among those who witness it.

It is also magical and teeming with diverse biome of colorful fish and abundant corals, making it a welcome diving and snorkeling spot with equipment available for renting out if needed. 안전한카지노사이트

  1. Tuasan Falls
    The humming and drumming get louder as you approach—it’s the music of the Tuasan Waterfalls of Mainit, Camiguin—another hidden gem that’s a sight to behold. The high column of water cascades with invigorating force and then splashes into a natural pool perfect for swimming and cooling off.

Bounded by awe-inspiring rock formations adorned by the foliage of the island’s rich flora, Tuasan Falls is a unique experience in Camiguin that’s beyond just springs and beaches.

  1. Old Church Ruins

A trip to the hallowed remnants of the Gui-ob Church in Catarman provides instant transport for those with a feel for history.

The belfry is still intact and its Renaissance-style walls and columns of sand, coral stones, egg white, and limestone make, swerve and stand sturdy to this day, carrying with them years and years of worship, but most especially of stories to tell.

  1. Soda Water
    This volcanic spring in Bura is all-pure soda water that’s the first of its kind in the Philippines. Bubbles spring forth from the bottom of the pool due to a subterranean spring from underneath. 카지노사이트 추천

As a water park, there are separate swimming pools for kids and adults, against the backdrop of greenery and rolling hills.

Though the water in the pool isn’t for general consumption, a drinking point is available to sample the famous soda water that earned the place its name.

With SkyJet, it’s now easy to get to Camiguin to see and experience its well-kept natural treasures. Following its inaugural flight last May 5, SkyJet now flies five times directly from Manila to Camiguin and back, with the following schedule from Thursday through Monday:

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