A Perfect 3 Days Camiguin Itinerary

Want to go in a place in the Philippines where it is not crowded yet? There are a lot Camiguin tourist spots in the island to explore. If hiking and visiting waterfalls are your most favorite activities as a traveler. Keep reading our Camiguin itinerary and you better get on your feet and start booking a flight to Camiguin!

In Camiguin, you’ll be awed by the views, enjoy, relax and explore. We will give you more information about our top picked and best Camiguin tourist spots and things to do in Camiguin in this full travel guide with daily travel budget in Camiguin for your next trip! 카지노사이트

The main problem in your itinerary in Camiguin is getting there. If you flight to Cagayan de Oro you will not have so much time in your first day and last day in Camiguin. If you get to Camiguin airport you will make the most of your day in Camiguin Island.

Camiguin is an Island Province in the Philippines, located in the Bohol Sea. It is 10 kilometers off of the Northern coast of Mindanao. There are a lot of ways for you to get on board and explore the Island.

If you are getting to Camiguin Island by plane. Camiguin has its own airport in Mambajao. Cebu Pacific offers regular flights to the province. For travelers coming from Manila, its either you make your way to Cagayan de Oro or Butuan City. There are flights coming from Clark in Angeles City to Cagayan de Oro where you can connect by bus and ferry, or by plane to Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin like we did.

We took our flight in Clark to Cagayan de Oro. From there we went by bus to Balingoan Port and finally we got to Camiguin by ferry to Benoni Port. If you are planning to spend a few days in Cagayan de Oro, read our full travel guide to Cagayan de Oro and best restaurants in Cagayan de Oro to make sure you don´t miss any important details for those trips.

Book Online Transportation from Camiguin to anywhere
If you are getting to Camiguin from Cagayan de Oro. From the International Airport of CDO, you need to head to Agora Terminal for you to reach Camiguin Island. You can go there by riding a van, bus or even taxi. In the airport, there are Express Vans offering trips going to Agora Market. They are located in front of the Arrival Area and fare costs 200 PHP or $4 USD. Travel time would be 30-45 minutes. 안전한카지노사이트

Agora Market Terminal offers van and bus headed to Balingoan Port. Fare would be 150 PHP or $3 USD for a 2.5-hour trip. From Balingoan Port, you’ll be able to ride a ferry going to Benoni Port in Camiguin. Fare would be 205 PHP or more or less $3-4 USD. Travel time would be 1.5 hours. You also have to pay 15 PHP Terminal fee and 5 PHP for enviromental fee before going to Camiguin.

There are 3 main ferry ports going to Camiguin. These are Baligoan Ferry Terminal, Benoni Ferry Terminal and White Island Ferry Terminal.

The main one is Port Benoni, which tourists always choose. Benoni Port is the port close to the main town of Mambajao. There are a lot of ferry companies you can choose from depending on your budget.

There are available ferries from Bohol going to Camiguin and it is Super Shuttle Ferry 21. Super Shuttle Ferry leaves in Jagna (Bohol) and arrives at around 5PM in Balbagon. One-way trip costs PHP425 or $9 USD.

It is one of the 3 operational piers in the Island of Camiguin. It is located in Barangay Balbagon, 3 kms away from the town Center of Mambajao. In the port, there’s available transportation going to place in the Island. Standard minimum fare going to the town center would be 10 PHP.

Camiguin Island is situated in the Philippines, so currency would be Philippine Peso (PHP).$1 USD is equivalent to PHP54.09.

There are a lot of money exchangers in the island. You can exchange your currency from banks and pawnshops as well. There are banks in the Island where you can withdraw with your ATM cards. Common ATM Machines in Mambajao are BPI and Landbank ATMs.

Internet was little bit challenging for us in Camiguin since we couldn’t connect everywhere online. In the area of Yumbing has LTE signal and Tongatoc Cliff has phone signal. Globe and Smart were having signal and we were using when the wifi connection was weak in Camiguin. Read here for a full blog post to know the best Filipino SIM for tourist.

The Philippines has only two seasons- wet and dry season. The best time to visit Camiguin is during dry season that falls on the months of February to April. 카지노사이트 추천

Though it is peak season during this time, you’ll be able to enjoy your Itinerary without having to worry about the rain, since most of your activities will be climbing and going to beaches. Click here to know more about the weather in Camiguin.

There are many available public transportation modes in Camiguin, like multi-cabs and tricycles. Motorela is the local name for tricycle which can be found all over the island. They operate either westbound or eastbound for as low as PHP 10.00 for a short trip depending on the distance.

Another option is to go by Multi-cab. It is a type of jeepney which is smaller and the sides are open so it can accommodate up to six passengers. For private rides in multicab and motorela prices are higher and you have to negotiate them depending on the distance.

From Benoni port to Mambajao a private motorela can cost 300 PHP, a multicab can cost 400 PHP. For a day private tour around the island with a motorela can cost 1200 PHP and 1500 PHP if you do with a multicab.

The daily expenses for most of the tourists visiting the Island of Camiguin would be a total of $30 USD per day. For food you can spend $5-10 per person. You can rent a motorbike for $7 for two people and you have to add budget for boats and entrance fees in Camiguin. In accommodation rate of $10-15 USD, if you go on a budget. You can get more comfort starting from $20-50 USD and get luxury rooms for $80 USD a night. As always, Airbnb starts from $15-20 USD and you can get a private room or even a small place for yourself.

There are local carenderias where food can cost $1-3 USD depending on your order. Also, more options of restaurants for local or foreign food start from $3-5 USD in Camiguin where you can find pizzas, burguers, pasta and more foreigner food. There are many options in the check point for restaurants and you can get there by walk, jeepney or tricycle.

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