Experience the best of the Philippines in Boracay

Traditional paraws, or double outrigger boats, set sail from the world-famous White Beach in Boracay Island, Philippines.

Since there’s so much to see and do in the Philippines, it can be daunting to decide where to go. The string of islands feature an astounding 22,500 miles of coastline and is brimming with extraordinary travel experiences. While no single place encapsulates all the Pacific archipelago has to offer, Boracay comes close, making the small island a smart choice for a best-of-the-Philippines experience.

Boracay is also well-positioned to be a first-trip destination for people in the nearby regions who are eager to travel again. Hotels are required to meet strict health standards based on World Health Organizations coronavirus guidelines, and only confirmed hotel guests are permitted into the island. Limiting the number of visitors is one of the many “new normal” steps Boracay has taken to help everyone stay safe. 카지노사이트

Boasting sugar-white beaches, crystalline coves, and all manner of water adventures, four-square-mile Boracay is the Philippines in microcosm. The island’s compact size inspires exploration. Discover a varied array of outdoor activities and sights across Boracay’s three barangaysor districts: Yapak on the northern end, Balabag in the middle, and Manoc-Manoc in the south. Use environmentally-friendly electric tricycles, or e-trikes, to get around on land, and traditional paraws, or double outrigger sail boats, to travel by water.

Enhancing the ease of travel in Boracay is the island-wide commitment to curb the spread of COVID-19. No matter where you go, wearing face masks and maintaining safe physical distancing are the norm. Each visitor also receives a QR code upon arrival in Boracay, allowing for contactless transactions across the island.

Of the more than a dozen beaches in Boracay, none is more famous than the three-mile-long White Beach. Stringent environmental protections and health protocols are enforced to keep this famous beach pristine, serene, and ready to welcome the tourists again.

At the northern edge of White Beach, follow the cliff-bottom footpath to one of Boracay’s best pocket beaches: Diniwid. The craggy bluff separating the two beaches makes tiny Diniwid a bit of a hidden treasure. It’s also one of the best spots in Boracay to watch the sunset

Left: Consistent winds power water adventure sports like kiteboarding and windsurfing off Bulabog Beach on the eastern coast of Boracay.
Right: The distinctive blue sails of traditional double outrigger boats are a familiar sight along the coast of Boracay.
The clear, shallow waters surrounding Boracay are perfect for adventures in and on the water. Elite kiteboarders and windsurfers flock to the windward eastern coast, while the sheltered waters on the island’s western side are best for activities like kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, and even learning how to swim like a mermaid—complete with tail and fin.

For an adrenaline-pumping rush, hop over to neighboring Carabao Island where you can go cliff jumping into the turquoise sea and swim in submerged caverns. Off Boracay’s southeastern tip, go snorkeling among parrotfish, pufferfish, and the other brilliant aquatic life found around Crocodile Island. The rocky islet’s shape resembles a sharp-toothed reptile (hence the name) and its sloping coral reef is a top dive spot.

Visitors instantly feel at home in Boracay thanks to the bayanihan, or spirit of cooperation and community, deeply ingrained in Filipino culture. Genuinely warm and welcoming, Filipinos are legendary for their hospitality. One reason why the Philippines regularly receives kudos as one of the world’s friendliest countries is this. The authentic kindness and positive vibe make it easy to relax, unplug, and fully embrace the laid-back, island life. 카지노사이트 추천

The cooperative spirit of the Philippines is particularly appreciated now as everyone navigates the world of “new normal” travel. For traveler peace of mind, Boracay has rolled out a number of helpful resources, including a COVID-19 hotline. The island is also equipped with a hospital for coronavirus testing and treatment, one of the many reasons to consider a getaway to Boracay—when you’re ready to travel again.

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