Here’s your Puerto Galera Travel Guide. This post also includes Puerto Galera Resorts and Hotels; Tourist Spots, and other related pieces of information.

Back at a time immemorial, Puerto Galera was a place only known to very few populations. Although formerly mostly known for its ports to which its name was coined upon the arrival of the Spaniards in the 1570’s—Port of the Galleons—this small coastal town situated in the eastern part of the Mindoro Island, has had dramatic change throughout the years resulting in a transformation that is not intent of ever reverting. 카지노사이트

Not only has it seen a population boom since 1900, a time when the number of people in the island was numbered to be not more than a thousand, it also transformed itself from being humble fishing and some farming piece of land into a full-blown tourist attraction post-1970.

But despite its early shift from being a subsistent island into a tourist-heavy region, Puerto Galera managed to nick itself the position and title as UNESCO’s “Man and Biosphere Reserve” back in 1973.

Since then, half of the 13 villages that make this portion of the island had relied heavily on businesses aimed at the burgeoning tourism that it is enjoying.

The place is blessed with many natural attractions. It takes pride in its pristine environs such as beautiful beaches, waterfalls, rivers, interesting mountain areas, rainforests, wild animals, and rare flora and fauna.
Some of the activities which any tourist can engage while visiting this part of the country include the following:

The Beautiful Sabang and White Beaches

While this small portion of the island may have attracted the attention of seafarers that it led the Galleons of the olden times to its shores, tourists of today are also as equally interested in its beaches—Namely, Sabang and White Beach.
Just 5 kilometers to the east of the sleepy town of Puerto Galera is the Sabang beach which is said to be a popular hangout for tourists. 7 kilometers westward from the municipality, on the other hand, is the White beach that is a common choice among locals.

Water Sports Activities

There are many opportunities for water-related activities in Puerto Galera. You can do snorkeling, ride a paddleboat or a speedboat, go water skiing, rent a jet-ski, have fun on the banana boat. You can also try going on a kayak safari.

Tamaraw Falls 안전한카지노사이트

This attraction can be found 10 kilometers from the center. You can simply relax while enjoying the scenic view of the place or swim at the natural pool in the area.

Tukuran Falls

If you have enough time for vacation, you can ask your tour guide to arrange your adventure trip (day tour) at Tukuran where you be mesmerized by the beauty and silence of Hidden Paradise. The place is tucked deep in the jungles of Puerto Galera. Getting there would require you to ride a boat, enjoy a carabao ride, and cross six rivers.

Mangyan Village

If you want some heritage experience at Puerto Galera, seek the help of the tourism office for a guide to bring you to the Mangyan Village.

Original inhabitants of Mindoro Island, the Mangyans are nomads and avoid outside influences as much as possible. Most of them used to live by the sea but since many settlers arrived at the coastal areas, they moved to the mountainous area of the island.

Located in Talipanan, Puerto Galera, Mindoro, the Iraya Mangyan Community Village will delight you with their skills in basket weaving. The village produces crafts of high quality. Mangyans are obviously shy, so you need to respect them and be more cautious when taking their pictures. It would be best to ask permission first.

Rent Motorcycle/Bicycle

If you want to explore more of Puerto Galera, Motorcycle rentals are available in Sabang or in White Beach. Just practice the necessary precaution when exploring the place like driving safely, bringing of your cell phone and even informing your hotel of your itinerary.

Best Diving Sites

But while you may like the town’s sandy coastlines to chill and see people enjoying themselves in the shallow waters, there is no denying that experiencing the place underwater has its own thrill as well. 카지노사이트 추천

Not only has the surrounding ocean a thriving place for a very diverse species of aquatic creatures, this body of water, too but is also a hotspot to a few of the country’s best diving spots just a few minutes ride from the nearby with a small boat (or bangka).

Whether you like to experience the diversity of the marine species or experiencing first-hand the legacy of the sunken ships which once roamed the overwaters of the sea, Puerto Galera has you covered for a worthwhile venture undersea.

Towering Mountains

You may have liked the island’s waters and blossoming marine community from underneath but there is also another place worthy of looking into if you are seeking someplace exciting in Puerto Galera—the forest-covered mountains of the island.

While you may love the idea of trekking the lavish setting of the forest with the aim of going uphill, those who do in the island does do with another goal in mind—to reach a golf course rested on the hillside which also gives an amazing view that is the surrounding waters of Puerto Galera.

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