The Ultimate Guide To Siargao Island (for Non-Surfers)

Siargao has been a hidden gem for many years where surfers flock from all over the world to catch some incredible waves.

It is now rapidly becoming one of the most popular islands in the Philippines with new facilities and infrastructure improvements, making it both accessible and an amazing destination for non-surfers.

But what exactly makes Siargao an adventurer’s dream? This comprehensive travel guide on Siargao Island for non-surfers is all you need to be convinced to put this island on the top of your bucket list of places you must visit!

Where is Siargao?
Siargao Island is in the Philippines, located 232km east of Cebu City and 800km southeast of Manila. It is part of the province of Surigao del Norte, situated at the northeastern tip of Mindanao. 카지노사이트

The coastline is laced with coral reefs, white sandy beaches, and secluded coves – all waiting to be discovered.

Surrounded by stunning smaller islands, landscapes to die for, and photographic opportunities that will make your friends green with envy, there is so much to discover on this beautiful island besides surfing.

Best Time to Visit
The best months to visit Siargao are actually the opposite of the best months to visit El Nido and Coron in the north. This can leave you with a slight dilemma if you plan on visiting both islands at the same time.

March to September is the dry season with warm temperatures and little rainfall, being the ideal months to visit for non-surfers. Siargao holds the International Surfing Cup in September, so if you fancy watching some incredible surfing talent then this is a great time to go. 안전한카지노사이트

October/early November is a safe bet if you want to do north and the south Philippines, just accept that you are visiting a lush green island that will have bursts of occasional rain every now and again!

Personally, I’d rather it rained a little when in Siargao than when in Coron (where there is little else to do).

Scuba diving is best done between April and September when there is less swell and better visibility.

Why Visit Siargao?
To put it simply, this is one of the most remote islands you can visit that is just waiting to be explored and still holds its native cultural charm. And most importantly, you can do this without having to sacrifice those little things that make your stay more comfortable.

If you want to visit some of the other beautiful and remote islands in the Philippines, you’ll have to be happy sleeping in extreme heat without air-conditioning, dealing with rationed electricity, and severe lack (and diversity) of places to eat, along with generally not having an awful lot to do. 카지노사이트 추천

Some of the most beautiful islands can only offer basic wooden huts with outdoor toilet shacks, which as cute and romantic as they seem, do not make for a particularly pleasant stay!

Siargao is the perfect island to spend the most amount of your time on, build it in as your main island if planning to visit others. Equally, it could be the only island you want to visit as there is an incredible amount to see and do.

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